Our Team

Dr Vandermause with SnoopDr. Charles Vandermause

“Dr. V” graduated from The College of Veterinary Medicine at The University of Minnesota in 1973. After practicing in California for over 20 years, he was drawn to the beauty and charm of central Texas. Crystal Mountain Animal Hospital was created with the vision to harmonize eastern and western medicine for integrative care. Dr. Vandermause completed his training in acupuncture at Colorado State University in 2003 and has had training in classical homeopathy and herbs. He also stresses the importance of diet and nutrition on the successful outcome of any treatment plan. With over 40 years of experience and a commitment to an integrative approach—using holistic and conventional medicine and surgery—Dr. Vandermause provides the best of both worlds for your pets.

Dr. V is a member of AHVMA, AVMA, TVMA and CAVMA.

Ronnie McGill – Hospital Manager

Ronnie McGillWith a background in business management, Ronnie brings his love for pets and business expertise to his association with Crystal Mountain Animal Hospital. Ronnie’s interest in Integrative Veterinary Medicine provides a strong partnership in his work with Dr. Vandermause.

Kim Case – Veterinary Technician

Kim CaseKim has been with Crystal Mountain Animal Hospital for seven years. Her experience with and knowledge of animals is reinforced by her compassion for their well being. Kim enjoys learning from and educating clients, and she treats all patients with respect. Her impeccable attention to pet health extends to her own home where she and her sister have four cats and two dogs.